Ryan Faces Fatherhood

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Drop the crosswords and jump out of the chair. I’m off to buy a pregnancy pillow. A what? Yes, a pregnancy pillow. This is a special cushion for the ladies so they can sleep better at night. If she sleeps through till morning, then so do I. There is nothing more worrisome than a restless woman about to give birth. You wonder if “this is it” every time she stirs.

I am really looking forward to fatherhood as you can imagine. Who wouldn’t? A new world of fun and frolic is at hand. I am thinking of all the holidays, parties, athletic games, puzzles (you bet), and family outings. I am relishing vacations and visits to the shore or camping in the local mountains. Who can pass on school plays, graduation, achievement awards, and accolades? I am going to be there every moment!

A total body, extra-large, pillow is a great sleep aid that gives full support. It is known also as a maternity pillow for obvious reasons. They usually come with a zippered cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. You want to spare your wife any tough chores. I bought one with a Microsoft durable shell with a 400 thread count feel. A pregnant woman should feel the luxury.

Two days later

I love the way she looks engulfed in this cocoon-like thing. Her belly slides right into a cozy place. She says it is really comfortable and warm. I would add soothing to the mix given her usual reaction—falling quickly to sleep. She says she doesn’t have to reposition herself during the night as it is easy to turn from side to side with a single, swift movement.

The thing is funny looking, kind of an hour glass shape with inner curves that support the back and stomach areas. It also should serve to align hips for neutral joint positioning. Someone in the know clearly designed it. I hear tell it also works for sciatica, fibromyalgia, heartburn, carpal tunnel syndrome, and congestion. It is a wonder pillow to be sure that cures most anything.

My wife used to struggle to get comfortable, but not anymore. She says the pillow is the best gift I could have given. No more sleep time aches. She likes the u-shape with contoured “legs” so she can sleep on her back or either side, depending upon how she feels at the moment. She tucks the end of the pillow beneath her knees and elevates her head.

What is an engineering marvel is the way the pregnancy pillow supports both the back and belly simultaneously. I can see that it elevates and aligns the hips for natural positioning (or as my wife puts it, it relieves stress on her joints). Overall she loves the cozy warmth of the high-grade polyester which gives her the perfect configuration.

I love the product description. “Cradle yourself in custom comfort all through the night.” My wife doesn’t even get up to go to the restroom. She is in deep, blissful sleep. If you want the same experience and to get much-needed peace of mind, I recommend getting one.