Possible Addition to my Skillset

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I love a personal challenge, which explains my gravitation to puzzles and crosswords. It started as a pastime to improve my spelling and word recognition skills and has grown into a real life-long obsession. I know there are legions of people out there who share this passion and I hope to connect with some of you via this blog. I also want to make it fun to read by veering in related directions. Today, it is all about my friend’s gun safe, not a subject I normally tackle; but I have a reason. Stay with me.

As a child, I was glued to the TV as an alternative to video games and I loved the old mysteries the best. Sometimes I would watch safe cracking by “burglars” in black gloves and face masks plying their trade. I counted how long it would take them to succeed and get the monetary treasure inside. It was done by touch and sometimes ear. I was fascinated by a different kind of “game”. This interest didn’t wane as I grew older. Now I have a friend with a gun safe and we practice “cracking it” from time to time for some amusement. Okay, it is not your typical hobby, but it is something fun to do together. Doing crosswords is very solitary in nature and I enjoy company now and then as a break. Don’t misunderstand me, I would prefer a challenging puzzle any day.

While I can sit here and brag about this skillset, I have to admit that it isn’t as much fun as getting those really hard words into their  little boxes. My friend and I, between the two of us, can open the safe rather quickly since we have done it numerous times. And, yes, there are no kids around! We are always mindful of absolute safety and the safe gets locked up immediately after it is cracked. What a weird thing to do, I hear you say it. Ha! It is not that I like seeing the guns in some kind of evil way. I have no intention of firing a weapon. We make sure that these items stay tucked away in the safe and never get loaded. I would never encourage a teen to get curious about the contents. My friend has no family. I know that accidents happen. Fearing invaders, the gun safe is in the basement hidden in a wall.

Now that I have satisfied my childhood longing, I am back to business with puzzles and crosswords and have added a round of Sudoku now and then to the mix. KenKen is just fine. Anything that is a brainteaser is for me, even if it just involves numbers. I love learning new tidbits of information and odd words, so the crosswords remain on top of my preferred list. There is a special experience that is unbeatable by any other game.